I went into GNC today, and I noticed how extreme some prices were for a tub of protein powder. I’m pretty sure many people here all know this, but you can just go online and find the same exact product around 20-30 bucks cheaper lol. Hope this helps some people.

Oh yeah, it’s almost always cheaper online even with shipping for protein.
Some of the other products can be comprable, it just depends on what your looking for.

I personally will not generally even walk into a GNC. The salespeople bug the heck out of me with their persistsence, recommendations and most the time are relatively clueless.

I did however go into a vitamin shoppe the other day and was pleasantly surprised. The sales people didn’t bug me even though I was the only one in the store (I’m in there only looking for specific things, I don’t need to here a sales pitch on why I should by something).
And I was especially pumped because they had a couple tables of marked down items. It was July 1st and they had stuff marked down that were best if used by July. Generally the best if used by aren’t to critical if your using it that month, atleast in my experience (yes I’m a pretty cheap fellow). They aren’t expiration dates like you have on milk.

Anyways I got a bottle of flax seed oil for 50 cents and it’s usually like 7 bucks. And I picked up bottles of isopure (protein) 50 cents also, and those things are usually 3 dollars a piece.

My little rant.

The price they put on muscle milk at both stores makes me laugh out loud, they make it look like they’re giving you a deal at over 30 dollars.