GNC wanting more sales or truth?

So I went to GNC today, bought my gold card and some Amplified Mass XXX. The guy there was telling me that I should take that stuff everyday, and that I should buy 2 tubs of the stuff. I would have bought both if not for the problem I have with money… So i decided to go to walmart and buy some Body Fortress protein for non-training days. The employee at GNC told me that I should take 4 scoops of the Amplified Mass xxx everyday. But I’m using the body fortress on non-training days so I can get some protein in me and not spend all the money. Is that a good idea or should I try to fork up the money to buy 2 tubs of the mass xxx?

Thank you

GNC employees have to sell a certain % of multivitamins, special brands, etc.

So yes, more likely than not, they just want you to buy something…

Thanks CSP. That’s what I thought but I didn’t know for sure. And instead of taking 4 scoops with water, can I take 3 scoops with milk to get about the same effect?