as a pitcher does it matter what kind of glove you have, small or big or the weight?

i just use the same glove i field with.

as for weight, im sure anything is fine as long as ur comfortable with it.
but in my opinion u wudn wanna have something too heavy, lighter is probably better

Lighter is better - extra especially for young kids!

no big holes in the webbing or else the batter might be able to see your grip

Hi tdbaseball,

I would recommend that you use only one regular sized glove if you are at the youth or high school level. This will ensure you have a glove that is broken in properly and one that can be used in the outfield or most other positions.

However, to answer your questions, a baseball pitching glove’s size is usually somewhere between a second basemans and outfielders. They prefer a slightly smaller and lighter glove so that it does not interfere with their motion. However, they do want enough padding to handle line drives and fast grounders back up the middle.

Hope this helps,
Jack Elliott
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