I’m thinking of buying this glove. I need a new one, and I was looking for a nice pitcher’s one. My price range is below $100.


Thats a pretty nice glove. I was gonna recommend you a glove but its out of your price range. But that’s a nice glove

Thanks. Even if I can’t buy it, wanna send a link?

One of the gloves I really liked was the Mizuno MVP series. You might be able to pick one up ebay possibly for under 100. The leather was similar to Rawlings HOH, upon me comparing the two by just using brand new ones from guys on my team.

I’ve had the Mizuno Prospect Series since I was like 7 (not the same glove…) and it was great but my dad and some of my friends have the Primo (wildly expensive glove, but awesome) so I thought I would try out Rawlings because, well yeah their the best really. Mizuno and some Wilson gloves have caught my eye, but I think I’ve settled on that one.

Generally it doesn’t have to be under $100 bucks, just that was what I was aiming for (I’d rather have it for fall ball, something really expensive would be Christmas). Links to any glove would be great.

I have this glove and it is amazing. best glove i’ve ever owned. Its $179.99

Yeah my dad and some of my friends have the Primo…ridiculously nice but expensive glove. That would be for Christmas, but I’m going to pay for this because I want it for fall ball. That is a nice glove, Kaz.