Glove side Arm and bringing it down to hip

I’ve noticed that when I get good compact hip rotation that I bring my glove side arm down to my hip. So I rotate the left side of my body {im right handed} Down and across to the hip which raises my arm angle a little. Now I’ve noticed that Phil Highes does something like this too. It’s interesting to me how just doing this really helps get a compact rotation of the hip, so you can power fully rotate around the leg.

Is doing it this way the way you do it?

I’ve also noticed when I do that, that I can rotate good but also get more out in front more then just rotating normally. I like to call it getting out and over almost.

Just tell me what you think

It’s like hooking your glove arm around an imaginary pole and pulling yourself around it.

If you put too much emphasis on it, it may cause the front shoulder to fly open, though.