Glove Radar

How accurate is the Glove Radar, which i have. Is your velocity a little slower or a little faster compared to a Radar Gun. I throw 60 on the Glove Radar, so i was making sure thats accurate.

I would say any device using dopler radar will almost always come out a fair bit slower than a Jugs or even a stalker gun.

For one the pitch slows down approximately 1mph per 7 feet of flight.
So the pitch the glove radar is giving you is slower than the out of hand velocity (the velocity a jugs gun measures). I believe a stalker gun measures at the plate, however I’m not 100% sure.

However dopler also gives lower readings if the radar isn’t perfectly in line with what it’s reading. it’s called the cosign effect if you wanna look it up. Basically for every degree off line the velocity is a percentage lower than what it actually is. I imagine this isn’t to big a deal with the glove radar as the radar is in a fairly decent line with the ball.

However, with bushnell guns and other dopler devices the percentage can be statistically significant to the point it truly throws off the readings.

So I throw 60 how fast do you think that is on a regular pro gun

What distance were you pitching from?

There’s multiple factors that go into it, so I mean the best I could give you is a range, and it’s merely a guess.

I can tell you it’s effective to know improvements because it should be consistent, so you can see if you’re gaining velocity, although the real number is never exact.

ya ya MLB distance 60’6