Glove Loogie

I was just wondering if anyone knows if the Glove Loogie works? Any other things work? I’m trying to break it in by just throwing, but it isn’t breaking in the way I like it.

your glove was once a living thing. It was either the hide or some other part of an animal. Hence, it has a grain and composition strength that the designers have used to enhance it’s protection qualities for you first - then it’s play making qualities second.
So, knowing this – before all this fancy stuff came on the market, breaking in a new glove was…just that BREAKING IT.

Here’s a suggestion that was used years ago:
-hold your glove so the pocket section is facing you, just like it would when you put it on.
-now grap the sides of the glove and bend them back so the pocket section “pops” out.
-basically, all your doing is bending the glove back on itself. your golve shoud look like a bowl with the pocket section blossomed out and the back of your glove cupped inward. Leave it like that for about fifteen(15) minutes, then bring it back to its orginal shape and put your glove on and see how it feels. If necessary, do it again and repeat …see how it conforms to the way you want it.
By the way, don’t worry about the effects on the glove’s durability. As long as you have a good leather glove with quality rawhide or similar laces your ok.
Hope this helps.
Coach B.

the best thing you can get is hot glove. it works like a charm

We are pleased to announce that Glove Loogie will once again be available to the market. Our company Clenzoil Worlwide owns the proprietary formula and Trademark for Glove Loogie.

Glove Loogie is the 2-part glove conditioning system used by professionals, amateurs, Little Leaguers and anyone using a leather baseball or softball mitt or glove. One part is for Pre-Season conditioning, the other is for Post-Season maintenance and preservation. Glove Loogie has been referenced in the book Glove Affairs: The Romance, History, and Tradition of the Baseball Glove by Noah Liberman.

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Is Glove Loogie available yet?
Thank you

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