Glove Help

My son has found a glove he likes after look at a lot of different models.
It is a little more than i planned on paying but if it last for a few years it will be worth it. Here is the glove:

He plays OF as well as pitches, do you think this glove will work ok in the OF too?

He just turned 13, about 5-7 and 130lbs.

Thanks for your help

i personally th that age preffered a 12.75 for outfield and now that i am starting high school i feel like ypu need to use a large glove. i would think that glove would be great for pitching and infield though.

That’s a good looking glove. I think that should work.

Some might say that a bigger glove is preffered for outfield but the kid’s only 13. Maybe go bigger so he can grow into it and it’ll last longer.

Should be good though, although I’d personally recommend the Wilson A2000
best gloves ever, they’re worth the money.

A glove is a very personal thing. Its feel, fit, and eye appeal is as much mental as it is playable. Confidence builds with a player who takes that special glove with him/her on to the field - it’s just as much a reinforcement issue that says…" you’re not alone out here, I’m with ya."

However, the style and impression of the moment should not sway the player when selecting a glove off the rack. Sure, the laces all twisted and braided look really neat - but that should be a very low priority during the selection process.

Ask you son how the glove feels, how it balances its playability, what impressions does he get when he slips it on and starts to move his arm and hand back and forth, etc, etc. If you spot the ole … sales job, like he’s trying to convince himself as well as you … don’t confront him on it, just talk him through process again and reason things out that you and he are both on the same page.

Picking a glove can be a great experience for dad and son - in fact it can be a real bond that can last a life time. That special glove that both dad and son had a part of … that your son will take to the field with him every time he laces up the spikes.

By the way, rummage sales, tag sales, garage sales and the like can offer some great glove buys … cheap. I have a collection of gloves that range from the classical pocket and web section design, to the new age multi-hinge animal hide of kangaroo and buck antelope.

Make the glove experience not expensive - which it is, but a journey in affordability “because”, a lesson in dollars and cents for the family … because of this glove we’re going to have to tighten our belts here… and so on.

I sincerely wish you and your son the best with your baseball experience.

Coach B.

That was a great read… Anyways, Nothing like an echo in the room , but Coach Baker could not say it any better. I feel though, that the 12" glove is a great happy medium. If he plays outfield more often than infield, then maybe a larger glove would be a better choice for the deep long drives that he will ecounter in a game , but if he plays infield more, then a 12" is a perfect glove size. Especially, 3rd and Pitcher. I personally feel that he will do fine either way and should enjoy his glove very much because if outfield and pitcher is all he plays, why buy two gloves at this age? Right? I just bought my Son a Glovesmith 12" custom elite ( the guy who makes this glove, use to work for the company that made the glove you bought) My son is a Pitcher and first baseman. I got the 12" for him on the mound and because you never know where else he might be needed. Have a great season :smiley: