Glove Hand Finish

Okay for high velocity pitchers… What is the overall thought here? Should the glove be tucked in at the armpit or left to the out side of the hip? We had always coached to try to tuck the glove… however I am noticing a lot of high-velocity guys who finished with the glove nearly behind them. Not sure I like the glove that far away from my head in case one is driven back up the middle. Thoughts?

Where the glove goes after ball release is irrelevant to the pitch - it only affects your ability to field and to protect yourself against a comebacker.

Tucking (or pulling) the glove back to the armpit almost always results in early shoulder rotation. Swinging the glove out to the side can lead to early shoulder rotation as well as posture issues. And these issues can affect both performance and health.

So I teach getting the glove arm to a good equal & opposite position with respect to the throwing arm at front foot plant (this is the timing aspect) and then swiveling the glove and stabilizing it out front (roughly above the front foot) while bringing the chest towards the glove.

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