Glove Hand / Arm Angle


I watched a video on Lincecums Mechanics, his glove hand, well, arm, is pointed to the side not straight out. This prevents opening up too early correct? If so, should I do ths at about 45-90degrees . Kinda between 3rd and home? Thanks.


People called Lincecum “The Freak” for a reason. He was very good so the name is not an insult. His mechanics are very unique; in other words best not to try to emulate. Worked for him but seriously doubt you can copy with positive results.


I’m not copying him. I’m asking if it’s smart to turn my glove arm more towards 3rd base. That’s all. I’ve heard it prevents opening up too early but i wanted to hear your opinions.


Work on equal & opposite. It’s not the glove hand you need to worry about. Keep your elbow towards home plate until landing.


It is not as simple as you imply. Lincecum doesn’t just extend his glove arm to the side. He counter-rotates his whole body as he goes into knee lift and his glove arm aligns itself accordingly. Does that help him stay closed? Possibly. But, for Lincecum, it is probably more related to achieving maximum hip and shoulder separation.

If you’re having trouble staying closed then you need to identify the cause before you can determine a fix.


Alright. I can send a video if needed.


So, are you saying you do think you’re opening up early?


Yes, and I either lose my balance and thro it wild outside and or way inside and high.


I have found that the glove hand is the counter balance or in physics terms the equal and opposite reaction of the throwing arm. it is easier to break down with video. Compare video of pros to what you are doing and see if you can identify what’s causing you to be off balance. Look at legs first.


Determining cause and effect is one of the most difficult aspects of analyzing a pitcher’s delivery. For example, does opening up early cause you to lose balance? Or does losing balance cause you to open up early? Really need to see video.