Glove arm drops

i cannot keep my glove arm up and pointed towards the plate… it drops down to my side… im currently unable to pitch b/c i had shoulder surgery, but any tips would b awesome

Please clarify which shoulder you had surgery on - glove side or throwing side.

I thought I responded to this one earlier this week. :roll: Maybe one of those nasty “administrator” guys deleted it. :smiley:

At the risk of repeating myself, I’ll just say that “pointing the glove at the target” is a cue that just has the potential to cause more problems than it solves. Part of why you have difficulty with the glove dropping when you point it at the target is because you’re pointing the glove at the target. It’s unnecessary, the major leaguers don’t do it and having that weight (the glove) placed out there on the end of a long lever arm creates a downward force actually pulling it down. It WANTS to drop. Below are 2 examples of prevalent lead arm action in the bigs. The first is Nolan Ryan, exhibiting the elbow sweep across in front of the body with a bent elbow. The second is Randy Johnson showing a straight armed approach. Again, there’s a “sweeping” action across the front of the body. Neither “points” the glove. In Johnson, it of course points there for a nanosecond as it sweeps by but he definitely doesn’t point it for any length of time. I hear this cue given all the time and I always ask “point it when and for how long?” I don’t get a good answer, typically, and from a certain individual who frequents sites like these, I get no answer at all.

i kinda use a windmill type thing and my glove hand ends up like behind my back ive tried to change it but i cant i mean it doesnt really effect my fielding from the mound but can u post a vid cuz it kinda sounds like u do wut i do but it dont really bother me

the surgery was on my throwing arm, and i mean when i pitch, the arm stays at my side as if i was walking, even when i try to prevent it

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if u can, theres a pic on my myspace that shows wat i mean.

rollie fingers did that and he was one of the best control pitcher there was he was also throwuing pretty hard when he first cameup