Glove and Ball in Mid-Air

A ball is hit to shallow left field. The fielder gets the ball then watches the batter runner hold up at first and settle in to listening to his first-base coach. The rest of the infield starts to mull around seeing that the base-runner isn’t going anywhere. The tempo of the game is somewhat relaxed and casual.

Now the left fielder tosses the ball towards the shortstop, but the ball is headed over the head of the shortstop, so, while reaching for the ball - the shortstop’s glove slips off his hand and goes up into the air and the glove strikes the ball. Both the glove and the ball fall to the ground in front of the shortstop.

Your sitting in the bullpen, your club is at bat with a runner on first and for whatever reason, your the only one on your club that sees this!

Would you:
1.) - let it go, it’s no big deal because there’s no play on the runner.
2.)- yell out to your runner to call time out and appeal the ball being struck by a glove being in the air off a fielder’s hand.
3.)- yell out to your runner on first to appeal to the nearest field umpire for an appeal ruling that a glove cannot be in the air off a fielder’s hand striking a ball in flight while the ball is still alive, under any circumstances - there are bases to be awarded.
4.)- grab another pinch of Mail Pouch, sit back and enjoy the game.
5.)- ask the pretty redhead sitting all by herself in the bleachers right next to the bullpen if she’s doing anything after the game … after all, if you’ve seen one glove it the ball you’ve seen them all!

Coach B.

3 and then 5 with a heavy emphasis on workin ol #5:wink:

I’m inclined to agree with JD, except I would reverse the priority, I’d be more into the debate about getting those bases, after all I want to win this game.


This actually happened during a game and one of the pitchers in the pen was actually paying attention to the game. The others were trying to start a conversation with the pretty young lady who got a kick out teasing the guys - the only way a pretty redhead knows how to. I got to admit, both sides of the wall were having a good time, and why not, … only go around once.

When the action happened, the only guy to notice jumped up and down and caused such a stir it kind of tossed cold water on the momentum of one of the romeos who was gaining some ground and just about to get a name and a phone number.

When all the dust settled, romeo struts over to the guy making all the fuss, sits next to him and says … and I quote…" hey man, you gotta get out more and get a life."

As I settled back in my folding chair, I saw the young lady stand up and wave across the field, then leave. Then I saw the other bullpen and one of the coaches wave back.

“Hey wait a minute, I thought I recognized her, and that coach!”

As it turned out, that bullpen coach and I crossed paths years ago, and that was his daughter!

Talk about a game plan designed to distract the opposition! :buhbye:

Coach B.


Great story Coach B. as usual.

3 and 5 and 6