Glove advice

I decided it was time to replace all my gloves for the new season. I have been looking at a couple gloves but am kinda decided on one but was wondering if anyone has seen anyone using or heard of thoughts on the glove. thanks for the help.'s?supercat=home&cm=TnDdSPBaseballGloves&coremetricsDo=true

You can’t go wrong with the Rawlings Heart of the Hide series. Price wise, it is cheaper than the top of the line Pro Preferred line. The leather is softer and breaks in easier without being too flimsy or loosing its shape to soon. Most position players prefer Heart of the Hide to Pro Preferred. The only other glove I would consider would be the Wilson A2000 or A2K series…like the link below"%20Fielder's%20Glove%20-%20Men's?supercat=home&cm=TnDdBRWilson&coremetricsDo=true

Many pro fielders really prefer the Wilson line to Rawlings. Pitchers on the other hand almost always choose a rawlings.

Wilson = Greatest glove line ever.

I like Wilson’s leather, but they are a bit pricey. Plus, I have always been a Rawlings guy. I feel their hard leather lasts longer.