I was watching Major League today and Ricky Vaughn got glasses and it improved his accuracy. Could glasses actually improve your accuracy?

They certainly could, if the pitcher has a problem such as myopia (near-sightedness) or astigmatism or some other visual flaw that prevents him from seeing the plate or the catcher. I would advise any pitcher who thinks he might have such a problem to go see an optometrist or an ophthalmologist to check it out and make sure that there is nothing more serious, and then get a prescription for a good pair of glasses (preferably with shatterproof lenses). There have been many players, not just pitchers, over the decades who have benefited thus. 8)

I had a decent ERA this year w/o glasses. I am nearsighted, too so that makes it hard. But glasses will help you improve your accuracy.

Absolutely… no question about it. You need precision sight to do said same - precision.

I’ve had outstanding pitchers who had glasses … not contacts, glasses. These glasses had polycarbonate lens. (

They were light weight and with enough lens so as to permit a good peripheral view. The pitchers also used a small band of elastic attached to the ends of each side of the stems that went along the side of the head so as to prevent slipping off when the pitcher went through his motions.

If you really want to provide a baseline for your work, I mean a serious baseline for comparing what you did to what your doing performance wise on the field, you must have the eyesight for depth perception and pitch interpretation.

Coach B.

I have been wears glasses for about 5 years in ball and about 3 years ago I switched to contacts. Best invest/desision i have make in my life. Contacts are the way to go.

For some people… yes.

Sight is a huge part of pitching, if you can’t a target how are you going to hit it? I like glasses a lot more than contacts because contacts seem like such a pain. I use transition lenses because they help you with depth perception. They kind of look like Blues Brothers glasses but it makes me memorable when I pitch.

I was just reading today in Coach Baker’s pitching book about vision, and depth perception, it’s really interesting information.

Vision is important, if glasses help you but you feel uncomfortable in them then try contacts, for me I like contacts better because I look like a circus freak with glasses on, if you’re like ZW and you think contacts are a pain go with glasses, by the way I just can’t see ol’ ZW without his glasses he would look odd without them.

I look really odd with out them, I actually feel naked. I’ve had the darkening lenses for so long its blinding if I don’t have them when I go outside.