Glad to be here

I currently pitch in my mens league. I am more of a sinking offspeed type pitcher. I wouldnt say im very good but you never know what to expect.

I just thought i would introduce myself to you all.

Other than actually playing Baseball i do enjoy Baseball simulators. Does anyone have the same interest or know of any.

Since i am not a pro i do intend on posting in here with the hopes of finding out little tips on how to improve my lackluster velocity on most of my pitches.

Again, Glad to be here and ilook forward to hearing from you all.


We all love baseball here, and as to video games and simulators are all a little facinated by them, MLB games are fun to mess with but I think when you start looking at the games you critique them as well as play them. I think they are realistic.


Although introductions are normally placed in the “Introductions” section. :wink:

Well, Mike, since you’re here, welcome to the Fellowship of the Bump.
From what you’re saying, I suspect that you are one of those finesse pitchers—not much on speed but with some good stuff and control of those pitches you do have, and so I would suggest that you concentrate on that aspect of pitching. In fact, the type of pitcher you are can be even deadlier than the fireballers; such pitchers rely on stuff, location, mixing up pitches and keeping batters off balance.
I’d like to know more about what kind of stuff you have—what your best pitch is, what your second-best pitch is, what changeup(s) you use, how you pitch to different types of hitters—since you’re playing in a men’s league (and there are a lot of good ones) you probably face all kinds of batters. So come on, drop us a line here and tell us what’s up! 8) :baseballpitcher:

Welcome to the site! (did ya see the Introductions section before ya posted this?) :wink: