Give up hope?

My parents bought me a spot on the upcoming highschool team pitching camp. I haven’t pitched in four years for an official team. My velocity is waaaay down. Like 60 tops. I’m a senior and tryouts are in March is there any hope? I can throw a 4 seam, 2seam, sinker, cutter, a change up and a splitter. What should I keep if I should power through?

Your questions and situations are like going to a swimming pool and deciding should I - or not, dive into the deep end and swim?

You don’t know un until you try. Besides, you\re going to a camp that should help you make those decisions, if not, make those decisions for you.

By the way, did you have anything to say about going to this camp?

I only have a couple things to say. I believe you can do it if you can do it if you can get around 13-15 mph by that time. Is it likely? Not really, but you never know unless you try. If you work extremely hard you may be able to accomplish it. One thing you need to do is block out everyone else. By this I mean the other kids at the camp. If it’s a high school pitching camp with other kids on the team they more than likely are throwing low to mid 80’s and will see your 60 mph fastballl and laugh. It happens everywhere. At my school we have 4 kids who can throw around 88-91 and then I’m there sound 84-86 and even they laugh sometimes. It’s he way kids are. Just use that as motivation.

Thanks! I will!

Yes. I believe it’s a workout camp and weekly we will throw a bullpen session weekly. Im not entirely sure but I’ll let you know when I get the full schedule

Don’t mean to be discouraging, but 60 seems very low for a senior.

My boy is considered a soft tosser, and he’s at 76 mph as a sophomore.

Most of the pitchers in his class are around 80.

Couple varsity guys are at high 80s low 90s.

Nonetheless, you won’t know until you try.

Best of luck.