Give the Kid a Chance

In a recent posting, the topic of trying new ideas and giving a player with talent … other than the norm practiced by others, a chance, reminded me of my experience going that route. Giving a kid a chance that is … sort of.

A neighbor of mine once knew I coached and also knew where. And he asked, in a round about way, if his youngest could sing the National Anthem one day prior to a game.

I didn’t have the authority to grant such a request, but, out of respect for an invitation to the youngster’s fourth grade talent show ( my bride just happen to buy two tickets) I heard the kid sing, and not to shabby either.

The little guy belted out a couple of real good ones… and his composure was far beyond his years.

In fact, the more I though about it, it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a kid sing the National Anthem during a family night at the park. And a fourth grader would be perfect . I thought anyway.

I passed the idea by the guys in change of such stuff and to my surprise … they bought it! A few weeks later, the kid was gonna see his name in lights. (not really, but his family liked the sound of it.)

Also to my surprise were the pat’s on the back from all kinds of people that I never even knew before … congratulating me on a brilliant idea. I even though of taking a vacation from coaching and go into creative events planning … almost.

The big day came and the kid and his family were in dugout seats… his name was announced… he made his way nervously to the microphone setup in front of our dugout … and the stadium announcer pronounced the kid’s name… asked all in attendance to rise … and I get all kinds of nods from my skipper with a “nice going coach”… when then kid leans into the microphone and belts out………………….


Our head coach walked by in the dugout and said under his breath … “Yup… you can
really pick’em…”

Haha no way.

I should have mentioned that the poor youngster was so nervous that the Happy Birthday song was the only thing that he could remember.

No big thing though… as I remember, it went over pretty good. Besides, little kids can can do stuff like that… you and I on the other hand would live a life time trying to live down that moment!

Go figure?