GIve me some pitching advices

Hi. My name is Kwang Hyun. I’m from south korea and i love to play

baseball. but this is my first year and I’ll be the sophmore of
Shawnee Mission West High School. I usually throw 70~80 MPH
fastballs,curve,slider,forkball,changeup and two seam fastball.
but my problem is my ball control.
my mechanics is same as Matsuzaka
and i cant control the ball.
My dad said when you throw, your wrist and arm are not straight and
your release point changes everytime. Im trying to work on that.
Maybe, You could give me an advice. or few tips. I have one more
Will i able to make to the Major League?
My school is kinda famous for baseball

post a video of you pitching then we will be able to help you alot more then without seeing your mechaincs. And how you pitch the ball.

Consistent mechanics and timing lead to a consistent release point. Like RIstar said, post some video and we’ll be able to help you.