Giuseppe 13y pitching analysis

here is a new student that has a big upside, throws hard and has a great slider. Teaching him the change up, which he is picking up fast. Let me know what you think.

I think a 13YO has no business throwing a slider.

its more of a curve than a slider

knowing a breaking ball at 13 is amazing, it is better to learn now rather than later where it would be more difficult for him to develop a good breaking ball .

He uses his backside exceptionally well for his age.

-opens up front side too early
~lead with front hip while front foot is still closed off

-keep toe pointed down on leg lift

i like the action of his glove arm, using that glove arm with more intent, more aggressively will result in faster arm speed

I kindly disagree with aggressive glove arm use…the glove arm is simply a directional tool like a rudder on a boat. If I am ripping my glove arm or swinging it out then it completely changes my direction ergo the ‘opening up’ too early. Keep that glove arm…your front side…up and in line with the target as long as possible. This creates angle and keeps you backside loaded for a longer time down the mound which translates into a stronger pull against the front side with better direction. The glove arm moves out of the way when the throwing arm gets ready for release.