Gisele Bundchen

O.k…now that I have your attention! :lol:

I need your help…someone posted a great photo of Randy Johnson about a week ago or so. Maybe Roger, JD…not sure. I can’t find it. Can someone please re-post for me? My son was working off that picture.


I don’t know the name you put up there but I guess shes got it goin on…

I thought you sneezed (Was gonna bless you)…I didn’t post a pic of the unit…not Rogers style…I suspect JP maybe…

Ha! For the record, she’s a supermodel and Tom Brady’s wife…I mean how much luck can one guy have!!! And, she makes more money than him! Anyway, thanks JD, I’m sure the guilty party will show up and point me to the photo. My son was making some progress from that picture and I misplaced it.


OK I fell for it. I just had to see how someone could link her to baseball. :smiley:

Is this the photo you’re looking for?

You’re the man! That’s the one…

Thanks, JP.

What is it about that still image that you find valuable?

Hi, DM…

While maybe not worth 1,000 words, we found this picture helpful for a few reasons:

  1. Good image of leading with the hip (for a while my son was leaning with his upper body). Johnson keeps his upper body straight here while leading with his hip.

  2. Good image of “getting going” downhill at or near leg lift…my son was almost straight up and down at leg lift and not getting any momentum.

  3. Good image in that it shows the weight back on the back leg.

Hope that helps.

This picture is a representation of an athlete that has spent years perfecting his body’s ability to function to a rhythm. And as composed as he is, he’s progressing to his own cycle of what-to-do-next, reinforced by many hours of “let’s start at the beginning” and then go from there.

What’s missing here is the countless little struggles along the way where he wasn’t so composed, in step, functionally professional. I’m sure he has a mental scrapbook of not-so-nice pictures and shaking his head trying to figure out what’s-what!

We all have a “given” that says what we can and can not do. Patience and a willingness to sacrifice what others take for granted, is how someday, someone grabs a camera, then POOF … there you are on a web site, and someone asks … “ does anybody remember that picture of that pitcher “, so then we’ll be talking about you.

Do your utmost to use what gifts you have. Someday in the autumn of your years, you too can have a mental scrapbook that settles in just right with a hot cup of coco, your favorite easy chair, and watching your grand kids help the Mrs with Thanksgiving.

Coach B.

Not that I’m wishing my life away but, man, it’s going to be great to have that mental scrapbook, hot cup of coco, easy chair, while watching my grand kids help the Mrs. with Thanksgiving.

All the best, Coach.

In Randy’s case, the hips definitely start moving forward before the peak of knee lift. (You might surmise that from the picture but I thought I’d make it clear.) The key for young pitchers trying to do this is to do it not as much as the guy in the picture but as much as they have the strength and flexibility to manage. By “manage” I mean stabilizing posture and balance.

Here I go looking for pictures of Gisele and get pictures of Randy Johnson instead.

A cruel, cruel joke…

Sorry, Palo!!! :lol:

Thanks, Roger. Good point.