Girlfriends in Season

What are you guys’ opinions on having a girlfriend in the middle of the season?

I say its good if you’ve been going out with her for a while, but if you just started dating her during the season it probably isnt a good idea.

the pre-season’s just started, and i’ve started going out with someone new. I had a bullpen session after i broke up with my prior gf, and i was hitting 75 with absolutely no control, my sinker had tons of movement, but no control, and my split was nasty. Not a very good combo. But, i had lots of drama before the season. (Check “Trouble at School” thread) Some of the girls play on the team, which can lead me to getting bs during practice. They pitch softball style. REally hard to hit, but they can’t touch 60.

We talking about one at a time, or several? :wink:

i don’t really see how a girlfriend can affect you. I’ve had 3 (at different times) during the season and no harm came from it

i don’t know if anything came out of it. But i don’t date for no reason it just didn’t work

True dat RHP.
And there are girls on your team slurve? Are you in high school bro?