Girl ask questions about pitching

Hello guys… (I’m guessing you are all guys) as I said I’m a girl who loves baseball and I’m helping a friend from Venezuela who is a pitcher and it’s coming down here with a scholarship and really, really want to be drafted… Well I have several questions, just to get real and see if he can makes his dream come true… He plays since he was 4 y/o and has been leader in pitching, champion pitcher, best pitcher and ranked on the top five batting leaders on national games. His actual manager says that he has great concentration on the mound. He has good command of his pitches and gets ahead of hitters on a regular basis and can go into the late innings and still have his good stuff.

Here some info about him

DOB: 04/28/90
Position: Pitcher Rt
Types of pitches: fastball, slider, curve ball, sinker and change.
Height: 5’11
Weight: 165
GPA: 3.3
60 yd: 7.0 sec
Bats/Throws: Rt
Ball Speed: 85
Rank: top 10%

I wonder for you that have experience on this… Do you think he has any chance to be drafted? What is the best way to start?? I think tryouts… Am I right?

I’ve been reading a lot of post but some information about tryouts are out of date… How do I get recent information?? Is there any special dates when to start looking for info? He is going to Wyoming, that is not really good since he has to travel to attend the tryouts… But he is willing to do it… And we were thinking if scouts can go (to Wyoming) and watch him play? I don’t think so … But that’s why I am asking…

And for my information I would like to know what does mean
GAP, SAT, PSAT and ACT?? I read somewhere they were looking for guys with 3.0 GPA / 1000 SAT. my friend stats says his GAP is 3.3 … Is it good? What is this? How can he improve this?

I would really appreciate any help with my questions I really want to help him making his dream come true and probably I can be his Agent … i’m probably dreaming but that would be nice… wouldn’t it?? LOL. :wink:

Thank in advance guys!

welcome to the forums. He has a pretty good chance if he gets a little more velocity. He also needs good mechanics and the ability to throw first pitch strikes. He needs to gain great control on every pitch. Good control is good but great control is great :wink: . His best way to get noticed is go to showcases,send out highlight tapes, and play as much baseball as possible.

Good Luck

is he a senior from venezuela? what national tounaments has he played in and what was the name of his team. if he wants to go to jr college i may know a place for him. private message his name and contact information. also the name of any scouts who have seen him play.

So he is an undersized righty who throws in the mid 80’s.

dime a dozen…dime a dozen

[quote=“MaineBall”]So he is an undersized righty who throws in the mid 80’s.

dime a dozen…dime a dozen[/quote]

sad but true, unless he has a change around 70 mph that he can locate very well, and a very nasty curveball which he can keep down in the zone, and good control, I dont think he’s gonna play D1 sorry but for sure I know he can play d2 or d3, or NJCAA, JUCO, NAIA, or a community college.