GIRD and Rotator Cuff issues

During my UCL rehab, I’ve noticed my shoulders have varying range of motion. I throw right handed.

For example: when doing the sleeper stretch, my left arm is way more flexible, I can easily touch the wrist to the ground. However in my right arm, cannot touch the ground and is about 15-20 degrees away from doing so.

Another example: When placing my left hand and elbow behind my back. I can easily touch the collar of my shirt. But when using my right hand and elbow, I’m short by about 5-6 inches.

However, when doing the reverse scarecrow (external rotation) my right arm is 30-40 degrees more flexible.

I’ve had my other baseball friends for the same stretches and they all have similar symptoms.

How common is GIRD in the shoulder? How easy/necessary is it to overcome?


Simple common knowledge here. On your throwing arm external rotation always increases because that what is used when we throw while internal rotation is decreased (because of stress from external rotation). Since you don’t throw left handed the external rotation isn’t increased and the internal rotation is greater.

I completely agree. However my physical therapist said I still have GIRD on my last visit (about 2 weeks ago). I’ve been stretching more and it appears and feels to be getting better.

Is it safe to assume that if my ROM of each arm is 180 degrees? Even if I have extra IR in my left and extra ER in my right, both are about 180 degrees.

I plan to address this on my next visit (tomorrow)

Also found this article too