Gif. clip help

I’d like to put up some gif. clips of me throwing on my log, can someone help me through it? I have them on Windows Mediaplayer and have a photobucket account.

PM if you wish.

do you need help making the gifs, or just posting them?

I’d like to cut down the clips to just show the throw. Is there a free program for that?

I don’t know how to post either :? sorry.

what format are the clips in now?

Not sure. Quicktime Media Player files I guess.

Hmmm…im not too familiar with editing quicktime clips. Those are .mov files right? I’m sure that there must be some software somewhere that allows editing on those clips though. Im a little busy right now, but i’ll look around when i get a chance and see what i can find.

I use Ulead Gif Animator 5 to make gif files, but i have only ever been able to get it to work for .avi files. Now, .mov files can be converted to .avi files, and then Ulead would work, but there would probably be loss of quality in the conversion, possibly a significant one.

As for posting them, that is easy. You just upload the .gif file to photobucket, and then post the “full size IMG for bulitin boards and forums” into your post.

Like this


except with the dot between photobucket and com and the / before the second IMG