Getting tossed at on purpose

okay so i know this may sound kind of dumb. But we beet this team like 30-1 right. Don’t get me wrong our team is really really good. Trust me. Anyways after the game they were pissed and we played them again. They put their ace in and i am our ace and we both pitched it out.

The first inning i got 2 strikeouts and a weak ground ball to get out of the first. Then when i came to bat i got hit with the pitch. He hit me right in the f ing elbow. and it hurt so bad. Its been one day since and my arm is still swollen and bruised and i can barely move it.

I eventually would finish the whole game and only allowed 1 run. But my velocity dropped maybe 5mph because i couldn’t rotate my hips and i could barely move my arm.
My question is this: do you think that the pitcher threw at me intentionally or not. Also when your team is up by like 20 runs or 30 runs should you stop stealing. because when we are up by that much our coaches tell us not even to run on a passed ball. This drives me crazy because we keep stats and right now i lead stolen bases too.

First, why on earth did your coach allow to finish the game if your arm was so swollen? It had to have made things worse to go out and throw another 5 innings. Did you let him know that your elbow was bothering you? Even if you didn’t I have to question the coach’s intelligence if it was visible you were not throwing like usual in both your delivery and velocity.

There is no way any of us could say whether you were thrown at on purpose. Given your age, I would sure hope not. Leave “purpose pitches” like that for the men who are paid to protect their hitters. Even then, it is a dangerous event that no one really likes to be a part of - pitcher included.

As for stealing bases when up 20 or 30, I have to agree with your coach. He is right. Show some class. A poor winner is really just an experienced loser. Someone who hasn’t won enough to know how to play when up big on the opponent.

ya dude. Well when i was first hit in the bottom of the first inning. I already pitched an inning. Then when i got hit it really hurt. But i could still move it and stuff and it wasn’t that bad. But time i reached the 5th inning it was awful. I still finished the game though. Also it was my catching elbow not my pitching elbow. So it was just hard to twist my hips to get the velocity i needed. But then the next day it was swollen even worse. I put alot of ice on it and it seems a little better. Sucks i can’t train for a few days though.

Also though dude. We are ranked on our wins and losses right. Numerous times we are tied with someone. LIke right now their are about 3 teams that are tied 6-0. So ya then it comes down to RUNS FOR AND RUNS AGAINST to decide who is first, second, and third. So shouldn’t you try to blow everyone out of the water so you will have the best record and the best runs for and against.

I don’t know how things work in the leagues you and others play in, but in the majors there’s an ironclad rule which is strictly enforced by the umpires: if a pitcher throws at a batter with the intention of hitting him, and he does hit him, he gets thrown out of the game. It’s up to the umps to determine whether intent was involved. And to aim at a batter’s most vulnerable spot, such as the elbow, certainly constitutes deliberation.
Both you and the coach who let you stay in the game were out of line. He should have taken you out of the game as soon as he saw that you were in pain and unable to pitch. And you should never have tried to pull a Pedro Martinez—remember what happened to him when he insisted on staying in the game one more inning? He got clobbered. No wonder there has been such an increase in the number of TJ surgeries, at all levels.

Have class. If somebody is up by atleast ten runs and is still running, I’m hitting somebody right in the ribs. I believe you keep playing the game, don’t get me wrong. I even think you can still run on pass balls or wild pitches (which isn’t a stolen base btw), but just stealing in general??? Not so fast my friend…

Agree with Hammer. If you’re pummeling a team by 10 or more, there are certainly some unwritten rules to be mindful of… tough to say if you were thrown at on purpose…

Let’s see how this adds up?

First start with:
===== run the score up because of your stats
add to that: because of your clubs place or standings in the league
add to that: blow the other club out of the water
add to that: got ding’d on the glove elbow by a pitch, still played

equals = small minded, huckleberry ball, no character, no maturity, not even a stand up guy.

Transfer this type of play off the field and into the real world of dealing with people one on one, you’ll be a person of one all your life - one, all alone.

Let’s put it this way, sit on the other bench for a while, see how it feels. Go home with that gut feeling that just doesn’t go away.

In the highly competitive college game, and for sure in the professional game, class and maturity go hand and hand. Start early - practice now.

Here’s something else to think about - suppose you find yourself working for one of the youngsters on the other bench… like the pitcher who ding’d you. It’s a small world out there … trust me on this … a very small world.

Coach B.

okay its not like that at all guys. First off i am not going to lie our team is probaly the best in the league. We won the championship last year and we had only about 2 18 year old kids everyone else was sophmores or freshman. now 7 out of our11 are seniors and i am a sophomore and our ace pitcher. Just because we are up by that much does it mean that we should stop batting altogether and let them strike us out. No. But still our coach told us not to run on passed balls or to steal either i get that.

When it comes to my swollen arm. My arm hurt a little bit. But it was perfectly fine until the next day when it swollen up like a plum. Until that point my arm was fine. So ya. I told the coach and he wanted to take me out. But i wanted to get the complete game so bad so i played through. Our coaching staff is really good so ya.

Truthfully, there are certain situations where I even hit players.

ex. there was this one kid (i dont know why) but the entire game he was throwing sand on our players at shortstop. First you are supposed to be thrown out for that, but the ump apparently didnt see it for the first 4 innings. And he was talking crap and swearing at our players the entire game, so I put one straight into his ribs. Throwing around 90 it shut him up for the rest of the game and he stopped throwing sand. (not saying this was exactly the best way to handle it, but there are certain people who I would rather just shut them straight down rather than have to deal with them whining and complaining)

Secondly, your coaches should be teaching you how to protect your most sensitive spots from getting hit.

Not exactly saying you personally deserved anything like that, but next time you should be more courteous to the other team…

I thought I should take a slightly different stance on this since everyone seamed to be on the same side… I think its good for people to think about more than what your personal feelings or desires are.