Getting the Nod

Would you rather know before you get to the ballpark or find out when you get there?

For me, I would definately rather know before hand so I can prepare; both mentally and physically for the start that day.

We knew at least 4 days before our starts. We mainly prepared differently leading up to the start and our game day routine was different from the rest of the team because we didn’t have to shag BP

You should definitely want to know before you get to the park. It effects your preparation tremendously.


My Legion coach this year was a catcher when he was in high school so he did not know the importance of a pitchers preparation. One day, I’d not be expecting to pitch so I would lift the day before and I would show up to the park and find out I was pitching. Let’s just say I was not a happy camper.

I like to be mentally prepared at least a day before the game.

when i get to the park. i get pumped. like coming in relief. adrenaline goes up. if i wa in the majors. defiantly before though.

My prep is the same if I am pitching or not so it really doesn’t matter, give me the ball and put me on the bump.

I don’t think it makes much difference. A pitcher should always be prepared to get into a game, whether as a starter or as a reliever. And some pitchers can make that adjustment faster than others; on October 8, 1956 Don Larsen showed up at Yankee Stadium, and on opening his locker he found a new baseball in his shoe. This was coach Frank Crosetti’s way of informing him that he was going to start that day’s game. And this after several days during which he started a game and lasted just a couple of innings! Well, he figured that manager Casey Stengel was giving him another shot, and we all know what happened—he pitched the game of his life.
I just finished watching the Yanks-White Sox game last night. The Yanks were ahead 12-7, and Joe Girardi really didn’t want to have to go to his closer, but after David Robertson gave up a couple of runs to make it 12-9 Girardi had to call on Mariano Rivera. And Rivera came in and slammed the door and nailed down C.C. Sabathia’s eighteenth win. 8)