Getting the hips rotating ahead of the shoulders

many people have told me i need to work on getting my hips rotating ahead of the shoulders. How do you do that? Are there any drills? Is it important (add velocity or control) ?

You know what just do whats natural to you ok and stay closed as long as possible. THat the key don’t over think.

Separation of hips and shoulders is important. It allows you to maximize velocity and it allows you to use your body to throw instead of just chucking the ball with all arm.

Being able to delay shoulder rotation long enough to achieve maximum hip and shoulder separation requires proper timing. If you’re not getting good separation then you probably have a timing problem. But there are a number of possible causes of timing problems. Would have to see video to determine the actual cause.

hip/shoulder seperation doesn’t have to do with delaying the shoulder from throwing. I like to think of it as rotating the hips before you land then weh nyou land throw. So people don’t pause or anything like that in the wind-up.

It comes from relaxing the muscles in your midsection as well.