Getting the GS arm extended pre-release

I am having trouble getting comfortable with getting my GS arm extended before the pitch. Does anyone know any good drills to correct this? Also is this very important for a pitcher? I know some MLB pitchers like Joe Blanton don’t get the GS arm extended while others really get it out there like Strasburg. Any opinions? I’m much more comfortable keeping it tucked in all the way through.

I do something called “equal and opposite” its where each arm is about 90 degrees. GS arm is parallel to ground at a 90 degrees angle. While the throwing arm is in the power L position

“Equal and opposite” is an NPA teach whereby the arms should be bent the same at the elbow. They don’t need to have a 90 degree bend - just equal bends. Adjustments are to be made to the glove side. Make the glove arm match the throwing arm.

I think this is a beneficial teach - more for some pitchers than others. But it can have a big effect on keeping the shoulders closed longer and rotating later.

Yes, that is true. I just have my arms at 90 degrees so I thought I’d include that as my example.

Thanks I’ll try this

ah i do the same exact thing. i just dont have a name for it