Getting Stoked for a game

i was wondering how important it is to get pumped up for a game. Also what is the best way to get ready for a game-listening to music, sleeping, reading etc.?

for some reason before any game… if i have slept and woke up well rested i will be on the top of my game… usually if i sleep late and i find myself sleeping through class during the day… I wont have my best stuff cuz ill be overall just tired…

i dont need anything…i look forward to it from the second the last game ended

from the time i go to bed till the game i am only thinking of the game. right before the game i will go through all the warm up jazz, and then i play some flip, just to make sure i am loose and having fun. the best way to make sure i keep my fire up during the game is to run on and off the field. that just keeps the adrenaline up. and i sing some fast music in my head while i pitch. that could just be me being wierd but it seems to help.