Getting Started Pitching

I am helping coach my kids (8-10 yr old) baseball team. There isn’t a great deal of experience other than the basics of baseball. I am looking for some basic pitching mechanics to get the kids started that isn’t too much for them (you know kids can only concentrate on one or two things at a time, if that) and won’t give them bad habits or lead to injury.

I have read through many posts and the information seems well beyond what they need at this point.



I suggest starting by focusing on two things:

(1) Posture and balance

Get them to keep there head upright from start through release. Try to minimize or eliminate any head movement side to side, up or down, or back.

(2) Glove arm

Get them to keep from dropping the glove. Once they extend the glove out front, have them keep it there, turn it over so the pocket faces their face as the shoulders rotate, and bring the chest to the glove.

I feel these two things will set the kids up with a solid foundation while avoiding or eliminating some common bad habits that often form early.