Getting scouted

I’m only a freshman, but I’m always one looking at the future and have some questions.

I’m very curious as to what people around here think is the best way to get your name out.

I’ve heard mixed things about showcases: The general reply I get is that there just a waste of money.

Not sure about actually getting scouted at games. The class above me has some very talented guys (sophmore lefty throwing 87-88 ) so I feel like I can get some exposure due to them but, don’t know how much that’ll actually do though.

Unless something really weird happens in the next few years I’m hoping/planning to graduate with a 4.0, and a pretty solid resume, so I’ll be looking at colleges from an academic standpoint also.

Do/will college coaches put a whole lot into grades?

At this point money wise in my family I was hoping to go to a descent division I school where I can get a combination baseball/academic scholarship, and was just wondering how hard it actually is to acheive this?

Just looking for comments from guys that have been there.


(This has been a dream for as long as I can remember so yeah, I’ve been working my butt of for quite a while to help me reach my goal)

well, scouts dont pay much attention to grades, they pay attention to playing ability and overal potential, and, if you want to get a idea of if you are able to get into a good college, look at how tall you are, if ur under 6 foot when u graduate u dont have a good chance, and then look at control and offspeed, jus for example, im 16, 6’6 and that alone is a thing that scouts are looking for, tall pitchers, and then they look at accuracy and speed and how u play the game, i cant remember if u said u were a pitcher or what haha, but if u are tryin to get into college for pitching, id try get on a traveling team and then u will most likely get noticed, thats how i got noticed and its only gone uphill since then, if u got ne questions on scouts jus ask, cause some have talked to me very vaguely cause i was so young, but i kno a lil, hope that helps a bit

Thanks for the info, I should probably rephrase my question into, getting scouted and/or landing a scholarship.

Basically I am looking more towards going to school to get to play ball, with the grades adding some extra kick help.

I guess when people say scouts you think of pros, but I was talking more about going to showcases with college coaches around and stuff.

Right now I’m 5’11"-6 foot, and not quite 15.

Above average fastball, great change, very sharp curve (wish I was a lefty though).

I am a pitcher first and that’s my favorite (love controlling the game), but I also play centerfield with a speed/extra bases combo, so I don’t know which I’ll really go with. I work hard with both, and hope I don’t have to pick till a bit farther down the road, where I can really see which one I am better at.

Never ever think that marks don’t count. If you ever want a full ride to a good school the marks better be there. One thing that good marks show a scout is your willingness to learn, ability to learn and discipline.

Some very good showcases are run and some a bunk as well. If you want quality showcases, I would try and get in one with TeamOneBaseball or PerfectGame those two organizations are run very well, I attended a few PG events and loved them. I got seen by a lot of pro and college organizations.

You can check them out at

Well I guess more scouts are around where I live then I thought,
I’m playing a fall league hosted at the University of Kentucky (use there facilities)

Anyways the UK head coach was at our game, a scout for the mets, dand someone from Ohio State.
I’m still only a freshman but interesting to know that they are around

Here is a good ezine article written by a former scout. Its the only one I’ve found anyway.

I’m just going to tackle part of the original question.

Grades matter big time.
Now do you have to have a 4.0? Of course not. But you need to have consistently good grades that give future college baseball coaches the confidence that if they invest in you by offering a scholarship, you’re not going to drop out because you can’t keep your grades during the spring baseball season.

Consistent, good grades show that you can multi-task effectively, that you work hard, and that you’re reliable… and if you think about it, those are the exact qualities any baseball coach looks for in his pitchers.

Plus, if you don’t score at minimum SAT and ACT levels (different schools have different standards), you may certainly be good enough to pitch at a top-school, but no admissions department will accept you.

im 5’7 and not growing any taller :frowning: … specifically why is it that size matters a lot… with pitchers…

If a scout has interest in you, he’ll know your GPA. I was at an invite only showcase this Summer (outside of Chicago) and there was an interesting catching prospect and talking with an area scout, the scout knew the athlete was an outstanding student.

Scouts should know the academics of a student for two reasons that can contradict each other. To get good grades, it req’s work and you’re always looking for angles to tell if a player is a hard worker. That player at a HS level might be able to dominate local competition based on his god given abilities, but put him at a D-I level and his work ethic comes into play.

If the athlete has both, then the question comes up of difficulty of signing him. If the athlete is dead set on attending a 4 year school like ND or Stanford, a scout has to know the player’s intentions after HS and how difficult it would be to sign him.

i dont understand height in baseball either. Ive heard pedro martinez is really only about 5’7, bill wagner is 5’9 throws harder than any. Theres this kid from a highschool near by hes like 5’8 a junior but throws high 80’s maybe low 90’s everyone is all over him. I really dont think height is that important in baseball, its not the NBA there is alot of people under 6ft in the majors and alot of stars under 6ft.

This is very general but:

Pitchers with height and wingspan can gnerally achieve velocity easier.

With a typical ceiling of 6’6" because at to tall timing is very hard (yes there are exceptions ie Randy Johnson)

There’s plenty of guys that aren’t big and can throw the ball through the wall, but look at most youth leagues and even into HS the big guys are gonna dominate often.

Well, it took even R. Johnson about 5 years before he got it down.
Jon Garland is another tall guy who seems to be finally coming around.

BTW, have you ever played amateur baseball in Lexington?

Well, remember that speed, whether running or pitching, is something that cannot be taught, so if you have it, you have an advantage over many other hopefuls. If you enjoy pitching more than the OF, then stick with it. Pitching is always going to make you a commodity, so you should keep that in mind.
Also, if you enjoy baseball, I mean if you really LOVE it, I am still one of those who believe that a true love for the game can get you farther than another equally talented player who doesn’t really have that care for baseball. Heart, in other words, still counts for a lot.
Of course, that’s just my opinion.
I am going to be putting my name out there to work with other pitchers over the winter. If you know anyone who would like to have someone to throw to/at (as the case may be), I may be of some service.

Riddler: Have you heard of South Lexington Babe Ruth? (Shilito Park)
Or Gardenside LL?

Do stats matter about getting scouted because i lose some games where i have no defensive help i throw mid 80s so most of the time hitters just stick the bat out and hit it the opposite way. this year ive given up 6 e.r. but teams have scored 33 runs when ive pitched because of errors

I do know scouts see a lot more besides the numbers, go to, on the blog I know there are a few posts about what scouts look for, and if stats are on the list it’s not very high up I don’t think.