Getting Rid of Golfer's Elbow

I’ve reasoned with myself and i know that i am not going to get drafted or play semi-pro ball; however, i am planning to play on a college team. Since i am a senior, i have a couple d3 offers. my biggest problem is that i have golfer’s elbow (not tennis elbow, two completely different things) in my throwing arm. i currently throw about 77 but my doctor and coach said i would be throwing 82-84 and have no problem playing on a high d2 or low d1 team.

i am a 6’2 200lb LHP in above average shape with a good curve and a developing cutter and changeup. However, i want to know how to get rid of golfer’s elbow so i can start to really dominate.

Also, i am not sure if i should continue pitching or not through the pain. it is increasingly unbearable in between innings on the bench but when im pitching, i just feel tired in my arm. the day after im pretty tender also. Thanks in advance for the ideas

What did your Doc recommend?

Have you been to a PT?

doc didnt really say anything just ice, which seems kinda self-explanatory. i had a second opinion who said maybe surgery but i dont want to miss any time and not sure how important that is.

i attend therapy about 2-3 times a week but havent really seen a difference in the pain, although i have seen a difference in the power of my shoulders and forearms. just wish i could alleviate the pain so that i could use this power.

Don’t throw your common sense out the window. If it hurts, it hurts for a reason. Could be an easy fix…like rest…could be something you need to take care of…get it looked at.

Get a second opinion with an x-ray, ultra sound and MRI.

Look at this way, would you rather be off 4-6 did weeks now (off season) or be dumb and really do some damage and possibly be off 18 months or more and miss your senior year of HS and potentially have to red shirt your first year in College.

Listen to your body, this is something that could effect you the rest of your life outside of Baseball

im definetly taking time off. i plan to not pitch for about 12 weeks. i have been told throwing is not the same as pitching so i will continue to throw, but not pitch.

when i got an x ray and mri they both read tendonitis. last summer i took off a month and came back just in time for the last game. i threw 3 innings and was firing lasers (but only for about 1 inning, which was expected because of lack of stamina due to injury) so i believe rest is associated with stronger veolicty. i m definetly resting in a couple of weeks, just got a couple more games left.

Follow your Doctor’s advice and talk in more detail with your PT and see of they can help you out more.

If you’re not happy with your PT then find one who has a history dealing with Pitcher’s in specific elbow injuries.

Same goes with the Doctor, if you’re not happy find one who deals specifically with Pitcher’s and elbow injuries.