Getting Relaxed, Prepared

I’m new to this forum, but pitching in absolutely my life!!! I plan to pitch as long as I can, and devote every aspect of my life to it. I’m 15 and made the varsity team on a large, prestigious high school in Arkansas last year as a freshman. I will be competing against juniors and seniors this year for pitching outings, and I’ll only be a sophomore. What do some of you guys do before a start to get relaxed and prepared? Any help will be HUGELY appreciated. I need to be outstanding every time on the mound to gain a spot in the rotation. I usually stretch well, jog some, throw long toss and bullpen, then take drink and visualize before I take the mound. Again, I would love some advice.

The best thing to do is prepare mentally. What I mean is:

Go through the line-up if you have seen the kids before and pic there hitting mechanics apart.

I do this so when I hitter comes up to the plate I can pic him appart because I know his weakness in his swing. Ex. Open Stance Strides at the plate you want to throw in on hands ok.

PICk the hitters appart and know what to do to get them out you have to be able to find weakness in swings theres alot more things I could tell you but don’t have the time.

That’s definitely something I try to do… I watch while they’re taking batting practice before the game (we have two batting cages at our field) and take notes on what hitters tend to pull the ball, go to the opposite field, loop their swing, or step in the bucket, etc…