Getting Recruited

Hey guys I know many pitchers are interested in playing college ball if you aren’t already someday and thought some of you might be interested in how exactly you should go about recruiting yourself. I was doing some searching through Google and found some pretty good info through this site.
Hope this helps some of you guys out:)

Is it just the e-book? What’s the main website?

If you want Baseball specific check out the High School Baseball Web

it’s the most comprehensive site out there and it’s all for FREE

I love this website’s headline:

“Finally . . .Discover The Secrets College Scouts Never Released To Athletes About Getting Recruited To The Top Schools in the Nation…”

Sheesh! :puke3:

Trust me, college coaches don’t have any “recruiting secrets.” If you’re good enough to play at that level and contribute to the team, you’re in. Simple as that. And pitchers have a huge advantage because every college coach needs quality pitching.

And remember this, too: College coaches are your biggest advocates. They want you to succeed because your success is their success.