Getting Recruited: Travel team tournaments vs. Camps

I’m curious to hear from pitchers (parents of pitchers too) who’ve been recruited by colleges on whether they got more attention by playing with summer teams or by attending camps and showcases. Thoughts?

I attended camps, showcases and played high school and summer ball (American Legion). No travel teams, because the Legion team was tops in the area.

In my opinion, high school ball was best, followed by Legion ball. The showcases are good, but more for power pitchers who can light up the gun. I think high school and Legion ball present a more well-rounded pitcher and, if you do well there, not one will your coach spread the word, but the coaches on the other teams that you play tend to do the same.

I have a son who is left-handed, and has attended it all. If you want instruction, most camps are good. Go to the college camps that you are interested in attending. Showcases are good if you are a hard-throwing pitcher. He received the most exposure traveling during the summer with travel teams. Pick a good one!

Camps and showcases are good, however, several of these are certainly just money makers for the specific programs. High school baseball is good, but in my area, the best is travel baseball, not legion ball. My best advice is to find a good travel team with good coaches who have connections with the college game.

Yea, in Florida(where i’m located), travel ball is MUCH better than legion ball. Most of the top players play travel (or both), and Legion just ends up being underclassmen or others not quite ready for the elite play of travel ball.

The best looks my son got were from, well it’s a toss up, he got unreal exposure against the very best national teams in travel (Go to Jupiter and get seen by, no kidding, over a thousand scouts), but he also got some tremendous exposure from HS (The newspaper had a yr long regional ERA race in which he led for a couple of weeks…only pitcher to actually lower a less than zero era week over week, he ended up at #3 era in the area with more innigs pitched and a tougher schedule). Florida is more oriented to Travel over Legion. Legion is a turf oriented good ol boy network, pales in comparison.

Yea, jupiter’s where they separate the boys from the men. Fort meyers is a big spot too

What is legion ball?

For me my biggest exposure was Travel teams. I didn’t do so much camps because of money and what not but I got on travel teams where they paid almost all your expenses besides food on road. The biggest tournament for me was the one in Georgia and after that scouts just kept coming to my games.