Getting ready for this summer season

I’ve been lifting the last few months in preperation for a college wood bat summer league season. I’m about to begin my throwing program and am wondering what balls I should get. I assume the official MLB ones are the best bet, but I’d rather not spend $100 for a dozen.|1/Ne/1100001/parentCatId/108/categoryId/1101792/pCategoryId/10/N/36+1101792+33/view/55/

Well the Diamond balls have a little higher seams and I really like them the best for games, but honestly the cheaper the better for just practice, they are all 5oz balls. I found a couple dozen last year on craigslist for 5 bucks and they were great.

I don’t understand. Are you in college, and if you are, why aren’t you preparing for the college regular season?

If you are a pitcher and you’re buying balls to practice with, you should be careful to try to get them as close to what you’ll be using as possible, or better. When my son was active, I’d get him ML quality balls to practice with. The reason was simple. ML balls have lower seams, and it forced him to use his very best mechanics to get the ball movement he desired. Then, when he’d throw in games, it was much easier for him to get the movement he was looking for.

Now I’m not talking about using them for BP or fielding! Just pitching. He’d go through maybe 2-3 dozen at most for a whole year, and always had a couple in his bag for his team bullpens.