Getting ready for MSBL in March

Well, I heard back from the guy with the local MSBL, and the next season will be starting in March. At least that gives me plenty of time to get back in great throwing shape.

I bought a rather pricey throwing net at Sports Authority, and I broke the strike zone thingie (grr), so I’m still looking for a real person to throw at, lol.

You could always see if the local high school has a kid that might want some off season work.

Brandon H, that’s the trouble with “pricey” pitching nets—the first time you throw a high hard one through one of those things, they snap!
There’s a firm in Franklin, KY that has something called “Pitcher’s Mate” that is guaranteed not to crack or break or otherwise disintegrate, and it might just be perfect for what you want—it’s easy to set up, and it even features reversible batters so you can really work on your strike zone. Here’s their address:
Pitcher’s Mate
330 South Main Street
Franklin, Kentucky 42134
Of course, what would be even better—I used to do this when I was a little snip—is get a real live catcher to work with. Have him position his mitt in various places, high, low, inside, outside, so you can work on control, velocity, and various pitches. And you can have someone else stand in either batter’s box so you can zero in on the strike zone. Of course, if that’s not feasible, the “Pitcher’s Mate” would be your best bet. Contact them and find out all about this device. Incidentally, it’s constructed so you can throw through the strike zone and the balls would be collected on the other side.
Hope this helps. :slight_smile: 8)