Getting ready for games...and fucusing in them

I do the same thing before most of my games. On the way there and while getting ready and stretching i am listening to pump up music on my iPod. When warming up i just take my time and focus on getting a good groove set or atleast going. But when im on the mound, i try to blank everything out and just focus on the mit. No batter, No fans, No coaches or friends and family watching. Just me, the catcher, and the glove im trying to hit. I would like to hear how other prepare for the games when on the way and warming up to the actually game!

GO CUBBIES!!! :smiley: :smiley:

I warm-up by throwing some warm up tosses and listening to music on my ipod nano.

In game I focus on nothing but, getting the batter out however I can, I don’t think about anything not even my coach who will say things to me, just block out emotions period.

I just blank everything out but before every pitch a take a deep breath and then throw the baseball. If they hit it, they hit it. Don’t worry about him get the next guy.

I watch Mr.3000 on my Ipod then stretch and do some long toss