Getting ready for college tryouts/season(long read)

So I’m dedicating this summer to becoming,what my current coach likes to call, a “fine tuned machine”. I’ve made my workout schedule based on workouts I’ve found online(mostly from here I think) to get my body in pitching condition and the p90x system to burn any and all fat I can. Anyway my build as of now is 6’2; 180 lbs(decent amount muscle but still some fat), my target build is 6’2-6’3;200-210(almost no fat).
So this is my current schedule that I plan on following as soon as school ends. This workout is just a rough draft and I’m sure I’ll make some changes to lighten the load, and this routine is going to change depending on the days I pitch, soreness in any part of my body, and fatigue. Also there are going to be days where I long toss, use weighted baseballs, or rest/stretch these days just haven’t been marked yet. Anyway here it is:
P90x workout
25 push ups
25 squats
15 burpees
30 sec planks(forward and both directions)
Repeat series 5 times
1-1.5 miles

P90x workout
Body row
DB bench press
DB lunges(12 reps each leg)
High pulls
Push press
3 sets of 8 for each
40 yard sprintsx10

P90x workout
20 push ups
25 squats
10 pike press
10 body rows
10 lunges
Repeat 3 times, no rest between workout
1-1.5 miles

P90x workout
Jump rope/cardio 5 min
Barbaccios 4x5
Russian twist 3x15
Front squat 4x6
Bent over rows3x8
Clap push ups 5x5
Full body stretch
10 sprints

P90x workout
20 push ups
25 Hindu squats
15 high pulls (r bands)
20 lunges
12 pike press
12 dips
2-3mile run

P90x workout(early morning)
“inferno circuit”(throughout day)
Bodyweight squats-25 reps
Bodyweight Lunges- 24 reps (12 per leg)
jumping lunges- 24 reps (12 per leg)
Jump Squats- 12 reps
Burpees- 20 reps
Hands on Swiss ball pushups- 12 reps
Shoulder Press- 10 reps
Y Press- 10 reps
Rotational Shoulder Press- 10 reps
Curls- 10 reps
Lateral Raises- 10 reps
Reaching lunges (lunge + reach in front of lead foot with DB’s in each hand) - 5 reps per side
Side Lunges (again, bring DB’s to lead foot and back to starting position) - 5 reps per side
Rotational Lunges (Open Hip and step back, bring DB’s to back foot) - 5 reps per side
Reaching Lunges+Shoulder Press- 6 reps total
Side Lunges + Shoulder Press- 6 reps total
Rotational Lunges + Shoulder Press- 6 reps total
Knee Tucks on Swiss Ball- 20 reps
"Skiers" on the Swiss ball- 20 reps
Russian Twists with Medicine Ball- 20 reps
Crossover Pushups on Medicine Ball- 10 reps (5 per side)
One arm pushoffs (One hand on the med ball, other on the ground. Perform the pushup and explode through the movement, lifting the grounded hand about 6 inches off the ground) - 10 reps
Close grip Pushups (both hands on the medicine ball) - 15 reps
Depth Jump Pushups (both hands on the ground, explode up and land with both on the med ball) - 5 reps
15 sprints

p90x workout
"no excuses"
First round
Burpees x 60 seconds
Pull-ups x 60 seconds
Squats x 60 seconds
Pushups x 60 seconds

Second Round
Burpees x 45 seconds
Pull-ups x 45 seconds
Squats x 45 seconds
Pushups x 45 seconds

Third Round
Burpees x 30 seconds
Pull-ups x 30 seconds
Squats x 30 seconds
Pushups x 30 seconds

Fourth Round
Burpees x 15 seconds
Pull-ups x 15 seconds
Squats x 15 seconds
Pushups x 15 seconds
When performing this workout, you will move from one exercise to the next without stopping. There is no rest in between rounds.
2.5 mile run

Drop the long distance running and P90x. Would add in medicine ball throws. I would take breaks to allow recovery between exercises so you can go full speed. If you do these exercises without a break, you are going to pace yourself. Your goal is to be as explosive as possible with each rep.

As for weighted balls, I would pitch flat ground with weighted balls (15 of 6 oz., 15 of 4 oz., 15 of regular baseball) on a Mon/Wed/Fri. I would long toss Tues, Thus, Sat.

After each 4 week periods, I would deload and only do stretching and throwing for a week.

hope this helps

I would also do more pull ups and horizonal rows. Also, deadlifts and kettlebell swings would be good.

your workout appears to neglect the back and posterior chain(glutes and hamstrings). you should work the back side on at least a 3:2 ratio compared to the front side.

Best of luck.

I agree on dropping the P90x, and don’t run long distance. Do a lot of sprints instead such as 60 m sprints rest for 30 seconds and other intervals, making sure that you are targeting the fast twitch muscle fibers.