Getting over the yips/Inconsistent mechanics

Hello! I don’t know if anyone will see this. But I am a junior in high school and recently I struggled with the yips and it has been getting better but nothing feels natural yet. I used to be very dominant. Usually I can top 83-84mph, but it switches from day to day. I throw more over the top and it’s 76-79 for mostly strikes, then I’ll throw more 3/4 and it’s 79-82 but inconsistent. Obviously control is the most important right now, as I have a few months off for spring but will be back into summer ball in June. However I do not want to be stuck high 70s to low 80s my senior year. If someone could analyze my mechanics a little that would be great! Thank you. []

Reading this might help: New Britain, CT: Home of the World's Fastest Fastball

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