Getting over the yips/Inconsistent mechanics

Hello! I don’t know if anyone will see this. But I am a junior in high school and recently I struggled with the yips and it has been getting better but nothing feels natural yet. I used to be very dominant. Usually I can top 83-84mph, but it switches from day to day. I throw more over the top and it’s 76-79 for mostly strikes, then I’ll throw more 3/4 and it’s 79-82 but inconsistent. Obviously control is the most important right now, as I have a few months off for spring but will be back into summer ball in June. However I do not want to be stuck high 70s to low 80s my senior year. If someone could analyze my mechanics a little that would be great! Thank you. []

Reading this might help: New Britain, CT: Home of the World's Fastest Fastball

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This might sound strange, but are you consistently looking at your target as you throw?

At times, my son struggled with control. We figured out he was looking away at the start of his delivery and only looking back shortly before foot strike. It didn’t give him enough time to pick up his target. His command and strike percentage improved by leaps and bounds after he began routinely forcing himself to look at the target early in the delivery.

At first, we mistakenly concluded his problem was the yips. It certainly caused mental stress.

What’s really interesting is that my son’s mechanics also became smoother and more consistent when he picked up his target earlier. He stayed closed longer and flew open less often.

I think not looking at the target early in the delivery is like firing a guided missile and turning off its targeting system until shortly before impact. The missile will lose direction and go a bit haywire until the targeting system is turned on in the last few moments. Sometimes, the missile can correct in time to hit the target. Oftentimes, it won’t.

If I were you, I’d try disciplining myself to look at the target from the start of the delivery all the way through the release. Perhaps it will help.