Getting Nervous on the Mound

I was just told by my coach that I was the new closer for my Varsity team…but there is one problem…I get way to nervous pitching relief but this may be my only oprotunity to be the closer for the next 3 1/2 seasons. Any advice on how to stay calm out on the mound?

As a closer it’s a great role, hitters havent see you this game and will only see you once, so no matter what you throw they won’t have a knowledge base about you. Then get ahead and stay ahead!

Good Luck

Watch Mariano Rivera.
Before he starts warming up prior to coming into the game, he takes a moment to get himself into a mindset that he calls “the eye of the tiger”—a quiet, very intense focus in which nothing exists for him except the idea of getting the batters out. He warms up, goes out to the mound and takes that focus with him, and we see that unshakeable confidence, not only in his face but in his whole being. And he throws that cutter—just that one pitch, but what a pitch! Batters know it’s coming, they know he’s going to throw it, and they can’t hit it for sour apples. He gets the ball—he throws the ball—and he gets three outs and takes a shower and goes home.
We can all learn a lot from him. 8)

This video was posted somewhere else but i feel it may give ya some help.

The confidence of preparation and knowing youre giving it your best 100% of the time is all the confidence you need. Plus it helps that you have 8 other soldiers on the field that have your back.

Ed Lopat once told me something that really stayed with me. He said that I didn’t have to go for the strikeout all the time, that I could also get ground-ball outs. He said, quietly and emphatically, “You have some good infielders behind you. Let them do some of the work. Let them get a few outs for you now and then.” 8)

i like the inception music in the vid, very epic:D