Getting my swing back

I did not play fallball this year so i kind of lost my swing.

Although i go to the batting cages once a week i cant hit the ball to save my life.

Over these past couple of weeks i have been hitting off the tee goin to the cages but i just cant find it again.

Its really frustrating. some of you know what i mean.

Are there any tips or drills you guys can share with me?

Do you use rotational hitting?

Whats that

You should use the Rotational hitting approach. Go to and read rotational hitting 101.

He’s right rotational hitting is the way to go but the way it’s explained on the site isn’t the best. In fact what is called linear hitting is just people taking a coach’s advice incorrectly.

When they say throw your hands they mean to do so with the rotation, you power your swing with the rotation in your core but you actually hit the ball with your hands.

Who explains it better then? O’Leary explaions rotatonal hitting in the simplest way.

In my opinion too many people want to classify a style of hitting. If you want to read one of the better explanations of “style” or technique try this out:

Another guy I like to draw from is Perry Husband- very good understanding of hitting and pitching.

Thanks i read the article and i think it will help me

Just putting in input…

Not one “style fits all”

And linear hitting in some ways ACTUALLY isn’t linear…

Sure, the back leg is driving forward, in a “line” I guess and the front leg locks out, but that creates rotation.

Rotation will happen… You can’t stop it

“forcing” rotation can lead to premature rotation before footplant and leaving your body in a poor position to reach the outer portion of the plate…

My point is, in my opinion, not one fits all…

Everybody here knows what hip/shoulder separation is in pitching mechanics right?

The same principles apply in a swing, seriously go watch slow-mos from the side of great hitters, like Babe Ruth (great example really) the hips rotate and then like elastic the upper body comes through to make contact.

The best way to describe it is a combination of the rotational and linear teachings.

The lower body and core should follow rotational teachings and the arms should be more linear.

It’s tough to explain because so often a good swing is just something you see and know, hard to teach.

A rotational lower body will cause a circular hand path.

Yes, but I’m not talking about the physics and anatomy of it I’m talking about the psychology of it. When a coach says rotate your body often times a player starts to crocodile arm his swing because he doesn’t think about the upper body at all. When a coach says throw your hands at the ball the player thinks that’s all they have to do and then doesn’t involve the lower body enough.

It’s best to teach rotational hitting with linear hitting because (even though linear is not a great adjective to use) and combine them this will help the player to come closer to that ideal rotational swing we see so much in the majors.

Not necessarily.

More often than not I’ve seen someone take rotational hitting to the extreme and it doesn’t work, they can’t swing like that, when physically that’s what you want to happen it’s not something you can just pickup and start doing thinking about rotation alone, you have to initiate rotation.

Kevin, you are 12 years old and at of acting like you know everything, stop being a little prick, it seems like you’re trying to piss people off most of the time, you know other people can be right, especially older more experienced people than you. Little one liners like “you need to rotate” don’t help anybody out.

You know what, maybe you are right. Maybe I need to stop it and actually back up my thoughts. I am not trying to piss people off though, but it seems I am pissing people off. If so, I don’t mean to.

TJ, my bad, I get what you were saying about combining the linear/rotational approaches together. It sounds good. The only thing I am worried about is that “throwing your hands at the ball” may cause a hitter to extend prematurely. However, that may not be a huge problem because Ryan Howard and Vlad Guerrero extend their arms early and they have succeeded at the Major League level. Yet I still believe that it is best to keep your hands connected like Albert Pujols and Barry Bonds.

What 12 year old do you know that doesnt think he knows everything? :smiley: I have a 13 year old who is just now figuring out life, the entire world, and solving all of lifes many problems.

stop being a little prick, [/quote]

Thats kind of harsh dude. He is a kid (no offense Kevin). At least he is trying.

Throwing the hands is not literally what goes on, if you drive the knob at the ball or try to often times it helps you to stay inside the ball.

Sorry for the comment, earlier I’m just getting sick of it.

Are you advising an inside out hand path? Because that is good advice.

Kind of, what I’m saying is that you’re hands are what will make the bat contact the ball and your hands need to stay inside the ball.

No matter what amount of power you have to what field it doesn’t hurt to know how to hit the ball to other fields either, spraying the ball around will prevent shifts being played on you (especially lefties in younger leagues) and will teach you discipline at the plate.