Getting more dive on two-seam


Hey guys, I was just wondering if you all could help me with getting more sinking action on my two seam. when I throw it, it tends to have strong run inside but it doesn’t sink at all. coach wants me to get some more drop on the pitch but anything he’s told me has just increased how far in it tails in instead of down.

I really appreciate the help,



You probably don’t throw hard enough to be able to get the spin rate need to throw a legitimate two-seam fastball. So why not work on that instead of worrying about minute details regarding which direction your offspeed moves… best pitch invented is a radar gun exploding fastball that makes the hitters mom ask if he wants a Gatorade when he walks back to the dugout.


hahaha I agree with that last part. but I sit 84-88 right now with my fastball. I don’t necessarily agree with my coach on this but I’m doing my best to try whatever he tells me. but anyways, there’s always room for more velo:)