Getting into varsity

well this has nothing to do with pitching (sorry bout that) but i am a third baseman and i wanna try out for varsity baseball at my high school. Im currently a junior and i am a really good fielder. My friend who is in varsity said that that position has been taken.

is there any way that i can impress the coaches when tryouts come and when conditioning comes. and what are they looking for?

please and thanks

all u really have to do is show u want it and are willing to work harder than any other player if you guys are running 10 laps around the gym or w/e RUN HARD and be first or run and do more than 10. if you have conditioning u have to do, simple just do more than the other guys sure might look stupid but it all depends on how much u want the position. don’t worry about competition thats in every level of baseball.

hope that helps a little big!

Be flexible, what I mean is don’t be afraid to play second or outfield for a while. Being a really good fielder will show and the coaches will know where you want to play. We are good at reading that. Always ask if you can take some at third. Next, hows your bat? the fastest way to make a varsity team is to have a good bat. Work on that constantly build your swing. Working hard in practice helps but having the ability to give hits consistently is what coaches look for.