Getting into college

im starting college this year, and im first thinking of getting into a d3 school to see how baseball is in college. I was wondering im 18 yrs old and i throw 78-80 mph do you think i could make the team??? i have a good curve and im practicing the circle change and have good control most of the time.

[quote=“Coach Baker”]Go to their web site and check out the roster - if they have one
posted. See who’s listed under pitchers. Are they from a particular
area? Are most of them RHP? Do they play other positions in addition
to pitching? What are the declared majors of most of the players on
the club’s roster? By the way, that last one has a greater impact on
your playing chances than you think. If your going to pursue a heavy
course load - something like premed, engineering, or some other dynamics,
your marks going into the program must meet the standards of the admissions
office and that school’s core requirements/ GPA, etc.
By that school I mean their school of business, school of engineering,, etc.[/quote]

Hi coach Baker. Is it required for college freshman to declare a major now? If a kid is coming out of high school, how early must he declare? I didn’t have to declare until junior year.

is a 3.2 GPA and 1100 on my SAT enough to get me in a d3 college???

i will take your answer to consideration. Just in case if you want to know im going to study Business Admistration.