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It has been a long time now since I last posted on this forum and I have changed a lot since. I am 12 years old and had been pretty overweight about 3 months ago. I was 104 pounds and did not have a huge amount of muscle. I am now 85 pounds, lost a lot of fat for conditioning but have lost a decent amount of muscle as well. I just feel weaker than I used to. Now, to get ready for my AAU training I am lifting and trying to get strong again while staying lean. However, I would like to lose a little more fat and strengthen my upper body. Currently, I have 2 upper body days, 2 lower body days, 2 cardio days, and a day of rest every week. My question is, what should I be eating to get leaner and stronger. ATM, I think I am eating pretty well but I’m not sure. Here is what a my daily nutrition would look like and please point out any flaws that are not helping gain muscle and lose fat:

Breakfast: Quaker Oatmeal(1 serving) or Cascadian Farms Purely O’s Cereal(1 serving) with .5-1 cups of milk.

Snack: Fruit such as grapes or a clementine

Lunch: Peanut Butter and banana sandwich at school, or a big late lunch/supper at my Aunts on Sundays. This meal has a lot of veggies normally and some fattier meats than normal. (Contains a lot of carbs)

Dinner: 2 servings of lean meat with veggies or whole wheat pasta or a order out night on Friday(a treat)

Post workout snack: non fat Greek yogurt

Any suggestions? Thank You!

Your diet looks better than a lot of people’s I see. For me on weekends when I don’t have school, I love to have some eggs for breakfast to get some extra protein. I also am a big fan of whey protein powder and I love to make smoothies using the whey protein powder with some fruit.
I am not an expert or anything but I think your diet is pretty good for the most part.

Your diet looks great, especially compared to most 12-year-olds! The only minor suggestion I have is make sure to get full-fat dairy, not low fat. This includes both the milk and yogurt. While fat got a bad rap for many decades, in recent years scientists have learned it’s actually helpful, especially for athletes trying to put on muscle.

Excessive carbohydrates is the main way people pick up a lot of weight (that isn’t muscle).

You didn’t ask for advice on workouts but I just wanted to point out that at your age, calisthenics like pushups, pullups, planks, crunches, and squats are really really good. My son is 12 1/2 and has become much stronger without doing any weight lifting at all. Only weight he uses is a 4 pound medicine ball for some types of squats.

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Thank You!

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Filter Joe, one question, how many carbs do you think I should eat a day. ATM, I normally eat 175-215 a day. is that good?

This is what my workout looks like

I really don’t feel knowledgeable enough to answer this. I do know that it will vary depending on how much activity you have on a day. For example, on a rest day you’ll probably want to eat fewer carbs, and on a day when you’re really pushing your workout, you’ll want to eat more.

It might be that you’ll have to figure it out for yourself by keeping a detailed log.

Haven’t had to deal with it for my son because in his case, no matter how much he eats it always seems to be too little. So we just keep encouraging him to eat more.

Ahh, ok. Lately I have been the least active out of the whole year. I have 1 basketball practice a week and I have my first AAU baseball practice tonight. Thank You

I might also add, that unlike sugars, carbs have more time before it is turned into fat. I know for high school football for me, the football team would have a team pasta dinner the night before so we would all eat a lot of carbs the night before our game. That could be something you might be interested in.

At your age i wouldnt worry too much about trying to lose weight unless a doctor has declared you obese. If you eat right and work out your weight will fix itself. Just maintain and grow into your weight.

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Look into carb back-loading and intermediate fasting for weight loss/strength gain. Build strength from the middle-out. Meaning…Get your core, hip flexors, and butt strong first. Exercises such as jump squats with a medicine ball. Medicine ball slams. Pull ups are huge. Long jump. Vertical leaps. Go light on the push ups for now and instead do Burpees. Stick to full body movements and be explosive. Don’t worry about running. If you want to lose body fat, walk 45 minutes a day at a fast pace. You should lose at least a pound a week. Like one poster suggested, start adding more fat, like avocados. Don’t worry so much about it though. You probably haven’t hit with meat and potatoes of puberty. The body fat will just melt away with no effort. Instead, stick to functional strength training. Full body movements. Strive to do 10 pull ups. Take it easy on yourself as you’re probably doing too much. Rest more often.

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So, your saying I should eat more than potatoes and meat for dinner? I’m starting to eat slight more gradually and I feel stronger

If you want to get lean, you unfortunately have to eat the same stuff over and over again…unless you have a personal chef or have all the time in the day for food prep. Also, have an idea of your limitations based on genetics. You can take a look around your family tree and get a feel for what your genetics are capable of. So many kids think they can look like a fitness model when the majority can’t (physically can’t look that way based on their genetics). Again, work smart and hard. Meaning…be smart about when you work and when it is a training day, work hard. Stick to full body movements. Good luck.