Getting Comfortable Again

I have been having trouble getting comfortable in the box since i took a fastball of the jaw and than the head in consecutive games this summer, and it is wreaking havoc on my hitting, especially the power numbers.

Anybody got any advice?

Much appreciated

Well one of the history teachers in my school played D1 baseball as a catcher. He took one in the jaw too, he has a scar too but my friend was telling me about it but the guy was like yeah you think your the s*** until something happens and he was implieng the ball he took to the face but he was also saying it was more of a wakeup call and your going to get knocked down but you have to shake it off and get right back up.

You are probably in one of the hardest situations, a mental dilema. Its also a reason why the Mental part of pitching section of the forum isn’t as large as the rest. There is a lot to the mental game but some stuff thats not understood. Sometimes you can’t solve it by doing (x) this or that.

Maybe there is something you can do but maybe you can try and use it as a rebound to really start doing good. Thinking about geting knocked down but your getting right back up and it isn’t phasing you.

I know a guy that could be an alright fielder but he is just crazy afraid of the ball when it has a significant speed to it. He took an awkward hopping GB to the chin and has since not been able to even get close to a ball bouncing close to him or a speedy roller. I made some good progress with him just whipping some balls of pavement to him (destroyed a couple balls). It carried over a little into games but he’s similarly scarred.

I guess the only way for you to work it out is to try as hard as you can to be fearless at the plate once again. Fake it until it’s real.

I took one in the ribs before in a game and it hurt pretty bad but when i got around to third my coach told me “You better not be scared the next time you get up and if you dont get a hit im gonna be disappointed” the reason he said he’d be disappointed is i was one of the best hitters on the team and the next time i got up i shook it off didnt think about gettin hit and got a hit. You just need to find it in you to not be scared and once you do youll be fine.

ya its a hard one, ive been hit in head but never in jaw(that would suck). usually to get comfortable i hope for the pitcher to hit me with a ball. i figure anything to the head unless its a 95 should be relatively easy to just turn my head. i also say to myself if anything comes at my head somebodys catching a beat down. helps me think how hard im gana beat the $@*#( outa the pitcher if i get hit rather than actually worry about getting hit.