Getting Coaches Attention

So a friend of mine on the team isn’t getting much playing time. Honestly, he’s not the best, and he admits it, but he deserves some time. I mean why would coach put him on the team just to sit? Anyway here’s a breakdown of him(if it helps):
Throwing Hand:Left
Weight:160 lbs
control-8 of 10
control-10 of 10
break-10 of 10(little early though)
control-7 of 10
break-3 of 10
So like I said not the best, he’s not “over-powering” anyone, but he gets by thanks to his control. When he isn’t on, however, he is very erratic(I’ve only seen him struggle to find the strike zone in bullpens, in scrimages he’s fine).

Also, during the off-season he and I were the only two consistently in there getting our work in, and the coaches saw us. Also, we have put in extra long toss sessions and workout sessions, so he is putting in the work the coaches want us to but hasn’t seen the field. I can’t say he isn’t working hard enough because he did the same routines I did, with me, and I have gotten on the mound as much as anyone on the team so far.

So I don’t know what to tell him. If he tries to workout to put something extra on his fastball he might be tired when the coaches finally put him in to see what he’s got, and he might mess up his chance. I don’t want to say wait til next yr because he might go through the same thing, workout harder than anyone on the team but see no results. I mean we are planning on throwing and working out together this summer but I’m no pro at pitching so I doubt he will end up seeing a change in his velocity after working out this summer, I plan on getting us both in great pitching shape, but that might not be enough. The only thing I can say that he IS doing wrong is his mechanics. I mean he has powerful legs, during the off-season we were doing 600+ pounds on the inverted leg press, but he doesn’t use them. Like he just glides off the mound, he doesn’t explode. So any tips on how to “teach explosion”? Cause that might be his biggest problem.

Alright well that’s it. Any and all help is appreciated.


What level of baseball is this?

High school varsity


“Deserves some time”

Who deserves some time?

  1. Attitude
  2. Performance
  3. Ability to be coached
  4. Practice with purpose, going through the motions is different.

Your comments about his performance (eratic, gets by, not the best) makes me question number 2.

Why is he on the team? His extra work earned him a spot on the roster.

If he wants to play it sounds like he needs to improve his performance.

1st to practice (ready to play no grab ass) last to leave.

Have specific goals to improve.

Always, Always, Always have a yes sir attitude with coaches.

Be coachable. Don’t dismiss any suggestions from the coaches. Do your best to comply with their feedback.

Get help with your mechanics outside of practice. There are lots of resources.

anymore help?

Honestly, you can’t all of a sudden do something that gets the coaches attention, if you want to make a change then it’s for the player to be better as a player, a team mate and a leader. It’s really all the crap stuff, leaving it on the practice field, being first to practice and the last to leave, being the first to grab the rake to prep the field, leaving nothing when doing sprints just in case the coach asks for another set, doing the extra time that isn’t part of the team practice in the gym and throwing. You can’t just do this stuff and then say, “well I do all of this”, it takes time to get recognised, it takes time to show off a work ethic, and even though he probably deserves time…it’s what the coach thinks is best for the “team” not the individual, it’s not “club” baseball anymore.

To grab a coaches attention he needs to

-Be he first one to the field/practice and the last to leave
-Work his butt off everyday and give 110% everyday
-Have a great attitude and don’t give any crap to the coaches

also the coaches are there to help him, when I was having trouble with my stride, I asked my coaches, and I have been pitching bullpen sessions mostly every game and have gotten the chance to close a few times.

This quote basically sums up what buwhite is saying

We don’t do it because we HAVE to, we do it because we WAN to. If he really wants to play he has to put in the extra work. This may sound like I’m a jerk when I say this but, he doesn’t have to play, he has to want to play and by wanting to play, agian putting in the extra work.