Getting back my swing

ok heres the deal…
for the past few seasons, ive been a very dominant hitter, i used 2 hit line drives all the time, but 4 this season ive done horrible, i cant even make anycontact with the ball anymore, it frustrates me, my hopes of playin jv next season are gettin worse and worse, i dont know at to do any more, ill hit em off the tee but when i go up 2 bat,ill either miss completey, or drag em all the way to fence, but completely foul to left field, i know timing is a problem as well, many ppl tell me i swing 2 early 2 and its noticable…
as much as id love 2 play rec 4 the rest of my teenage yrs, i wanna go 2 the next level and get that power all my coaches chose me 4 in the first place

ill post a vid in a lil bit…

Sounds like you need to sit back, you’re getting hitterish and excited, relax and make it fun, try to go oppo if you have to. But relax you won’t hit if your nervous and anxious.

“How can you think and hit at the same time?” -Yogi Berra

it just happens, i try 2 stay back but once i see the ball get around the dirt zone i just go for it…u know anyways 2 help me stayback?

You know if you absolutely have to scoot up in the box, I don’t really recommend it though.

You just have to focus on going the other way sometimes or just think right back through the middle try to not pull the ball. It’s just a mental thing, you’ve gotta focus, and practice it.

Hitting off the tee is great but to fix your problem have someone actually pitch to you.
I had your same problem earlier this season and i started having someone pitch to me in my free time and now i bomb pitches.

Maybe you should just practice (only training without playing a match) for a while? I guess it is common for all sportsmen: to become overtrained and make something they really could badly.

I know I’m coming into this conversation a little late but I wanted to give you my thoughts.

Go back to the basic hitting fundamentals. Even big league ball players practice the fundamentals often.

  1. Always keep your eyes on the ball. Don’t move or jerk your head. Your head will only move at the point of contact when it will slightly tilt down.

  2. Wait on the ball. Do not open your shoulder or hips up too soon.

  3. Watch your weight. Remember to use your trigger to get your weight shifted back and then forward again at the point of contact.

Think about these tips and keep them in mind the next time you take batting practice.

Haven’t seen you swinging but one thing I notice around me with guys hitting very (very) well previous year is that they’re looking to the place they want to hit the ball instead of looking to the ball when hitting…
They’ve gotten a too big ego and while concentrating on the hitting itself they concentrate on where to put the ball and how far they’re gonna hit it.
It doesn’t need any explanation that they’re hitting barely anything this year :wink: