Getting back into the game

This is prolly a dumb question and hopefully on the right board. I’m 22 years old, and moving to Orlando in a few weeks. The school I’m going to doesn’t have any sports programs. (it’s a tech school) Anyway, I’ve been out of the game since 10th grade when I quit because the coach would play favorites. I threw around 86-88 with my 4-seam. I lost all love for the game after that. But recently within the past year or so, the love came back. I’m back out throwing again in my back yard. (warming up by throwing a ball up in the air) I want to get back on a team and play again. I’m 5’9 185lbs. I have a strong forearm and shoulder (Been bowling for 17 years, just built the arm up over the years.) I want to go get clocked and get a little instruction before I leave. What do you guys think I should do? And do I even have a shot at playing again?

Thank so much everyone


If you threw 86-88 as a 10th grader, then you’ve definitely got something and that means you’ve got a shot. So if getting back into the game is what you want to do, then that’s exactly what you should do.

Thanks Roger. Would you think my small frame would deter coaches from me?

That’s always a possibility but it’s something you have no control over so don’t worry about it. Besides, Tim Lincecum has helped your cause. :wink:

Where ever you try out, just bring your stuff and do what you can do. Hustle, show a good attitude, and carry yourself well especially in the face of adversity.

BTW, you said your school doesn’t do sports. So where are you going to try out?

I’m looking around for a few leagues around the Orlando area, semi-pro, or just organizational. Until I get all my velocity back.

Good luck!